Inflatable Sound Attenuation Technology for the Recording Industry
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AirHush Silence Panels Productivity, Creativity & Acoustic Privacy in a Modular, Transparent Building Block AirHush ISAT - Inflatable Sound Attenuation Technology - addresses complex soundproofing issues in the music industry, from professional studio settings to recording on the go, to empowering indie artists in basements around the world. EndFragment
Advantages  • Panels lets existing light flow freely - no additional lighting & expense need, and no claustrophobia-inducing ‘hard’ walls • "People Flow” is important - you can see band mates, and they can see you...but with a huge decrease in noise levels between you (and your respective mics) • Optional “skins” system - foams, felts or fabrics provide additional absorption, or just add a splash of color to your rigs • Modular - Each AirHush Panel is only 24” x 27” x ~1.5” when deflated; gobos, vocal booths and full ‘portable studios' set up quickly and easily in any space • LED lighting lets users signal status: e.g. Red = Recording - Do Not Disturb;  Green = Open Studio;  Purple = Party Time • Optional floating platforms lets Silence Pods and gobos be moved at will; can also be put away in a small closet or into the trunk of a car. • Easily transform Silence Pods, Gobos and Studio sizes as needed - a 4’ x 4’ vocal booth can become a 6’ x 8’ collaborative space in a matter of hours…learn/see more by clicking button at right:
AirHush ISAT Systems - Robust, Rapidly Deployed & Easily Moved/Stored ISAT systems are made of recyclable materials and ship deflated to minimize their carbon footprint, are easy to assemble and can be repurposed in myriad configurations. AirHush Silence Pods provide striking acoustic comfort and are true sound BLOCKING panels (STCs of 34 to 40, depending on model), while also providing some sound absorption due to the Diaphragmatic Absorbtion qualities of their inflatable design (NRCs of .2 to .85, depending on model.)
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588 Sutter Street, Unit 106     San Francisco, CA   415-738-8883    AirHush ISAT Systems Inc.    Copyright 2017 EndFragment
Please contact us for more information At AirHush we are passionate about and committed to improving creativity, productivity and quality of life. Our focus on sound control did not come about by accident; it is the result of a need for real-world solutions that prior to ISAT did not exist. Today, we are are more committed than ever to making sound control technologies cost-effective and easy-to-use. Please contact us if you would like to learn more about our unique approach to sound control. We would be happy to discuss how  AirHush Silence Panels can address your particular needs. Call or email today for more information on the many uses for AirHush in the music industry: EndFragment
588 Sutter Street, Unit 106     San Francisco, CA    415-738-8883    AirHush ISAT Systems Inc.    Copyright 2017 EndFragment
About AirHush ISAT Systems: AirHush ISAT System is a San Francisco-based start up behind one of the most significant innovations in sound control of the last 20 years. Acknowledged by industry experts and academics in acoustic engineering as a 'game changer' in the domain of soundproofing, ISAT systems replace the mass used in traditional sound control solutions with air (or, in some instances, other gases or liquids), combined with modern sound attenuation materials (SAMs), to create the world’s first modular, see-through, sound-blocking diaphargmatic absorber. Individual AirHush panels are easily put together like building blocks with a simple connector system to create walls, partitions and enclosures of almost any size. How AirHush ISAT Systems Work: When sound energy hits an AirHush ISAT ‘building block’, the ‘action reaction’ of the flexible, pressurized, SAM-covered inflatable core, combined with the viscoelastic nature of the SAM barrier itself (which converts sound vibrations into minute amounts of heat and dissipates it through the material), results in significant Sound Transmission Loss (STL), a.k.a. a real reduction in volume, on the other side of the panel. STCs are in the 34 to 40 range, depending on model. Built to Look Good and Last, Ready to Move When You Do: Traditional soundproofing solutions often lack aesthetic value, or are buried in walls and block light. ISAT systems are flexible and good looking by design. AirHush structures can be deployed at any stage in the creative cycle, and taken with you when you move. Transparent, they allow for natural light flow, but can also be clad with skins of any color and/or texture. They are designed and built to complement any modern interior, and the Vocal Booths and Gobos featured on this website are only a few of many shapes and sizes of structures that can be created with AirHush panels. It’s All About Performance: AirHush panels reduce sound by up to 87.5%, depending on the frequency of the noise source. Noise is reduced by up to 50 decibels at higher frequencies (and even a 10 decible drop is perceived as a ~50% reduction in volume by the human ear.) For the technically minded, AirHush panels have been measured in ASTM-certified lab tests at an STC of up to 40 (with an NRC of .85 when ’skinned’ with absorbtion foam.) Even higher STCs are possible with ‘Club Sandwich’ models, for locations with very significant noise control challenges. Call or email today for more information on the many uses for AirHush in the music industry: